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CocoaBlaze AIRBNB
Stay in the heart of Sheepwash Farm, at The Buddha Barn in Ticehurst. 
’zen converted barn’ comprises accommodation for a single or a couple wanting to escape the busy village life whilst staying in the area.
Please use the contact form for all enquiries or via the Airbnb link below👇🏻
Unique secluded setting with a  relaxing space to meditate and recharge, 2/3 walk to privately owned woods, 5/8 minute walk to the village of Ticehurst.

Body Contour Treatments


ARASYS III, Inchloss Treatment
The high intensity Inch Loss treatment provides the equivalent of over 330 sit-ups in a 17-minute treatment reducing hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. It is the best all round body toning system with proven results and countless endorsements.

How does it work?

Muscles seldom work individually but in groups. The Arasys III system bypasses the signals coming from the brain that activate the muscles during exercise.

This signal finds the nerves and provides an interrupted current that contracts the muscles and then relaxes them.

The wave form unique to Arasys III produces a slow "Ramp up", in other words a smooth contraction of the muscles making it a comfortable muscle building experience.

The result is "Passive Exercise" in which a seventeen minute treatment to the abdomen is the equivalent of 330 sit ups!

Picture showing male toning abdomenHowever the system has eight channels, which means that several areas of the body can be treated simultaneously. On a 10 treatment course a loss of up to 9 inches could be expected. In addition to this the treatment has a diuretic effect resulting in the removal of toxins.

Our non invasive body repair and shaping system Arasys III is the best inch loss treatment available as featured in The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and lately in TV programmes such as 'How to Look Good Naked' and '10 Years Younger'.

A course of 10 sessions of 17 minutes each is recommended to achieve best results, after the desired loss and shape is achieved, a course every 6 months or monthly maintenance is all you need to maintain the results.

The Arasys III system successfully treats those stubborn areas that dieting and strenuous exercise won't get rid of.



34 minute treatments - one area of the body - For faster results

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POWERPLATE, Vibrating Platform

image of woman pinching excess weight on waist

Vibromotion will help you loose weight, reduce cellulite, increase metabolism and improve circulation without working up a sweat.


With accelerated weight loss and body toning technology vibration plates are the latest must have equipment.


Vibration principals are used to stimulate the bodies natural responses.

The vibration plate transmits waves of energy throughout the body, contracting and relaxing muscles 30-50 times per second. Almost 95% of the muscles in the entire body are exercised by using a vibration plate. The high rate of muscles contraction helps to also burn calories fast which is vital to burn fat and increase weight loss.

Vibrations increase the circulation which will increase blood flow and assists in the repair of damaged tissue.

An increase in circulation will also flush out toxins from the body and improve the appearance of the skin.

The Vibrating Platform or Powerplate, moves rapidly while you stand on it, resulting in an amazing tightening of all the muscle groups at once.

* Please enquire about prices and courses.


picture of the powerplate equipment

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Italian latest Bronze technology Spray Tan by That'so

That'so Brand
 Forget hours of tanning bed sessions and baking in the sun to achieve that healthy sunkissed glow, look no further than That'so at CocoaBlaze Ticehurst.   We have the lastest state-of the-art equipment to give you  the most natural convincing tan. Spray Tans are becoming a beauty must have making you look healthy and slimmer for any occasion whether it’s for your holiday, a big night out, your hen night or just because you want to!

Full body Spray £25


You will enter our stylish cabin booth and your therapist will manually spray you, the final tone of your tan will develop within 6 hours.

That'so air brush tan is also perfect before a holiday in the sun or if you want to look tanned for that special day or night out. Ask us about saving packages and be tanned all year around!

Before Tanning

Exfoliate your body before your appointment. This is easily accomplished by rubbing a damp soapy face washer firmly over your skin when showering or using a mild exfoliator. Pay attention to rough skin areas like knees, elbows, ankles and the tops of your feet.


Do not apply moisturiser to your skin at this stage as doing this will reduce the final result. We also recommend that you don't wear any make-up. DO Wear attire suitable for tanning: we suggest a bikini for women and dark shorts or swimmers for men.

After Tanning

Once your tan is applied, you MUST allow it to dry completely. We will ensure that your application is dry before you leave, but as a precaution, do not wet your skin for at least 5 hours after the tanning session. Showering the following morning is usually the best option. We also recommend that you do not exercise or perspire excessively between the tanning and the showering phase. When showering don't be concerned if some of the initial bronzer washes off-this is part of the That'so tanning process, and your skin will continue to tan.

THAT'SO ON THE GO- top it up at home, unique self tanning mist, natural and mess free £25.00 bottle


For a smoother, brighter, flawless complexion. Diamond Peel Dermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that gently removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. The appearance of newer skin cells means a more youthful-looking and brighter complexion after just one session.

Diamond Peel Facial Therapy has the latest technology that does a deep exfoliation treatment on the stratum corneum, that instantly produces smoother, softer and more radiant skin.  Results are most effective over a course of treatments, as fine lines soften and any blemishes or skin markings reduce.  Pores are deep cleansed, skin tone, texture and colour become more even and the production of new skin cells and collagen is boosted. With results like this Diamond Peel Facial Therapy should be an essential part of your skincare regime.


Diamond Peel can help skin concerns such as: fine lines, blackheads, acne, acne scars, stretch marks, age/sunspots, enlarged pores, uneven and rough skin, pigmentation and sun-damaged skin just to name a few.

How does it work?
A fine stream of tiny particles from the applicator, combined with vacuum is glided over the skin.  The light abrasion technique mechanically removes dead skin cells on the face, neck, back and shoulders although more attention is spent on your main areas of concern.

How does the treatment feel?
The treatment is not uncomfortable and only a slight tingling sensation is felt.  It can be described as mild sandpaper rubbing on your skin.  After treatment you will have a slightly flushed  faced  with a windburn feel.

How many treatments are necessary?
For problematic skin, an initial course of 6 to 12 treatments at fortnightly intervals is recommended. However, as skin is constantly renewing itself most clients return on a regular basis to keep their skin looking at its best.

What are the immediate results?
The skin will feel softer, appear brighter and be more uniform in colour.  In addition, a special lifting technique can be carried out to plump and firm the skin.

 Are there any side effects?
It is not uncommon for the skin to be red for a couple of hours after treatment. Daily application of sun screen is required but otherwise you can return to normal activities on the same day.


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Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift Perfector Non Surgical Face Lift logo

Perfector, Non Surgical Face Lift
Would you like a face lift but don't like the idea of surgery?

PERFECTOR Non-Surgical Microcurrent Face Lift
1 hour 5 min   single sessions 

Perfector has long been established as the pioneer of the non-surgical face lift. With 30 years of research, the original use of the machine was for stroke and palsy victims, to tighten the facial muscles and it soon became apparent that it would benefit the beauty industry. Things have progressed since then, with our machine also offering ultrasonic skin tightening, oxigenation therapy and hydratone treatments but the original microcurrent therapy remains the same. Just like a gym work-out, each session will work to firm and lift the facial muscles, as well as stimulate the body’s collagen and elastin production which, in turn, will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
(Please be aware that a course of treatments is needed to see the full benefits, with a minimum of 2 maximum of 3 sessions per week.)

Perfector's Non Surgical Face Lift treatment works on all of the layers of the skin helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help to improve the tone of your skin and lift the muscles in your face.

The Perfector skin care has a range of natural products that are enriched with vitamins and essential oils.

The results for this treatment vary as each skin type is completely unique, although the most common results seen are:

  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Lifted jowls and cheeks
  • Definition of facial contour
  • Smoother skin

Before and After, Perfector, Non Surgical Face LiftA full course of 10 treatments is recommended to gain the most/full benefits of the treatment. After a course of treatments it is then highly recommended to maintain the effects and continue treatment on a monthly basis.

***Please read an independent review based on a recent article on the Perfector Non Surgical Facelift
(Cosmopolitan August 2012):


Celeb fans: Sharon Stone and Madonna. Jennifer Aniston and Michelle O'Bama.

How it works: Perfector is a six stage anti-ageing treatment using micro-current, frequency and waveform unique to Perfector machine.

It works on all levels of the skin, soft tissue and muscle fibres, helping to speed up cellular activity and re-educate the muscle fibres.

What wrinkles? ... The Perfector gives
your face a new lease of life

Tester: Becci Wood

The verdict: Snuggled up under heated towels, special vitamin enriched conductive gels containing healing and moisturising ingredients were smothered onto my face and neck.

The beautician then performed a short and gentle circulation massage with the Perfector prongs (that look like knitting needles), followed by a lengthy lymphatic drainage treatment, a radiance mask and an ampoule.

I emerged with a brighter, glowing complexion. The skin across my cheekbones looked tauter and some of the fine lines around my eyes had disappeared.

One treatment certainly made a noticeable difference to my appearance - but a full course of six micro-current treatments is recommended for a dramatic effect.

If I needed any motivation to continue with Perfector I needn't have looked any further than my therapist. Her skin looked fresh and immaculate - I under-guessed her age by 15 years.

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image of woman having facial done
Nothing beats regular facials when it comes to a good skin care routine. Regular facials will boost circulation, eliminate toxins and even stimulate collagen resulting in radiant youthful looking skin. At CocoaBlaze we have a selected  wide  range of luxury facial treatments to meet the needs and complement any skin type.

HydroPeptide Infusion Facial
                                                                                                                                                                       1 hour 10 min £95 
Age-defying Collagen Boosting Facial
Infuses the skin with a mega dose of powerful peptides, natural Antioxidants and organics that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles to immediately reveal smoother and tighter skin.


Cocoa Zen Facial
                                                                                                                                                                           1 hour     £55

A very calming and de-stressing head, scalp and facial treatment. Uses Himalayan massage techniques based on cranial stimulation practiced by Tibetan monks, together with oxygen formulas, to relax the body and mind whilst eliminating fatigue. Also good for insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Serenity Firming Facial     
                                                                                                                                                                         1 hour 5 min £75

A wonderfully hydrating and balancing treatment for everyone, particularly those with a dry, mature skin. The exfoliation and oxygenation help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as giving a brighter complexion.

CocoaSens Plus                                                                                                                                                1hour 5 min  £65

This pure soothing facial is designed for sensitive skin, helping to soothe and reduce redness. Gentle massage techniques are combined with calming actives and a restructuring Japanese silk mask, impregnated with absolute skincalm mandarin booster serum, to help rebalance delicate, fragile and sensitive complexions.


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At Cocoablaze, we use only the best waxing products to suit specific skin types and treatment areas.

The waxing concept includes a pre-treatment and after-treatment as well as the inclusion of a hair growth inhibitor for painless hair removal.

Male waxing treatment prices varies, please enquire prior to booking.

Special waxing for sensitive skin. Please ask your therapist prior to waxing. 

Prices Ladies WaxingEyebrow shape
Full leg
Half leg £14.00
¾ Leg £20.00
Underarm £ 10.00
Bikini Line £10.00
Intimate  from 

Back (including shoulders)


Lip Wax £6.00
Chin Wax
Eyebrows shape from
Eyebrows tidy up
Eyebrow and Lip
Eyebrows, lip and chin

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher
The perfect Birthday or Christmas present for your loved one - The gift of pampering.

These are available by telephone and are valid for six months from the date of issue. The Cocoablaze Gift Vouchers apply to the whole range of treatments and the retail skin care products.

So there will be no excuses to forget this year, just remember to pick up the phone and order yours now for that special someone in your life.

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